Baby Pärt

In September 2020, Klankennest created a program around the music of the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt at the request of the Flanders Festival in Ghent. His minimalist idiom, which often imitates the sound of chimes and bells, also enraptures the youngest music lovers. Together with a dancers, the musicians of Klankennest transfer their amazement for this music to the babies, toddlers and their parents.


Children from 9 months to 4 years.

Instapklassen en 1e kleuterklas: 2,5 - 4 jaar. (we brengen de voorstelling op school) 


Liesbeth Bodyn (zang & concept), Tine Allegaert (zang, percussie & trompet), Annemie Osborne (cello & zang), Anne Marie Honggokoesoemo (zang & dans), Siri Clinckspoor (dans) of Tchi-Ann Liu (dans).


Soundnest is a company for young children and their parents that enables a dialogue and experimentation in music, movement and visual arts through sensory experiences.

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