Klankennest set to work with the well-known music of Johann Strauss and reinterpreted some waltzes in movement and sound, with and for people with disabilities and dementia. What are the interfaces between the movement world of a person with a disability and a dance like shore? In an unusual, expressive and moving arrangement, a cellist, a singer, a flutist and a dancer invite the audience to look, feel and – who knows – dance.

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Children and adults with mental and physical disabilities, adults with dementia. Children and adults also enjoy this performance.


Rebecca Van Bogaert (flute, percussion & voice), Liesbeth Bodyn (vocals, percussion & direction), Annemie Osborne (cello, percussion & voice) & Maaike van de Westeringh (dance)

With the support of FONDATION EME Luxembourg.


WALZ… Tender sounds ring out and gently arouse the attention of the listeners…a heavenly voice sounds and immediately touches all hearts…a dancing arm and circling foot joins in…in a short time the room is filled with tenderness and touching and togetherness…the wonderful sounds of flute and cello, complemented by the softness of a female voice and the sociable dance expression, take the audience on a wonderful, delicate, varied and dynamic journey, independent of time and space and BEING together. "Walz" is an interactive concert tailored to the special needs of people with intellectual disabilities. Music and dance invite you to listen and enjoy, but also to join in and try things out and to be together. The artists touch in a special way to get in touch with humanity, tenderness and high artistic skills. Sounds and touches invite you to make contact, where words do not, not yet or no longer express.

..Walz...a special moment, full of joy, lightness and BEING together...!

(Martine Wallenborn - Music Therapist)

"Dat muziek zorgt voor verbinding wisten we al, maar deze dames tillen verbining naar een hoger niveau. Hun oogcontact en glimlach openen de deur, dans en muziek vullen de ruimte... het voelde aan als samen bijzonder."

(Ebergiste - voorziening voor volwassenen met verstandelijke beperkingen)


Soundnest is a company for young children and their parents that enables a dialogue and experimentation in music, movement and visual arts through sensory experiences.

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